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About Us


"I want to take over the world.

  And do it with a skirt. 

 To teach it Love." 

Girl Skirt Mission is an indie brand based in USA that has a personal relationship with it's customers and a global following shipping throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

The Girl Skirt Mission brand was born and conceived through a founder's long spiritual journey first living and working in Europe followed by extensive stays in India immersed in Her culture, Her spirituality, and Her expression of beauty in colorful textiles.

A visionary brand aiming to dress the globe and redress the world, Girl Skirt Mission brings the rich heritage of hand loom fabrics made in the villages of Inda to the West, supporting this ancient art form. Dressing the masses in the comfort of breathable and organic cottons, this business provides comfort with style while also wrapping the form in the beauty of Khadi cotton the hand spun and hand woven fabric of Gandhi.

Girl Skirt Mission aims to help color the world beautiful. Both from the inside and out. One individual at a time. One skirt at a time. One pant leg at a time.

A mission to dress and a vision to redress the globe with the fragrance of Universal Love.





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