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Handloom is an ancient art form. Let's not think of an irregular weave as a defect because handloom by definition means - "a glorious uncertainty when it comes to uniformity".

Wash care:
Indian fabrics: hand wash in cold water OR MACHINE WASH separately cold water gentle cycle, hang dry for quick easy drying... or if you like them extra soft and can allow for some shrinkage you can put in low tumble dry.

All are pre-washed but only a few rich colors like red and black, especially in pants, may release a small amount of excess color during first wash to get to their purity. Just wash separately firs wash.

Hang dry. For some pants iron is optional.

SOLID PANTS BLACK, WHITE - Are normal wash with normal tumble dry and all pre shrunk.

Also can dry clean. Which is recommended for skirts with fancy or delicate trims but is NOT required. They are a durable beautiful fabric can hand wash.
All our garments are manufactured in sweat-shop free environments.


Pants Size Chart

Pants are Unisex: MEN are encouraged to buy one size up

  From ties at waist to bottom trim (can be tied at different parts of the waist or folded over more or less to also give or take length)
XS 2-4 5'2" or under. 36"
S 4-6 5'3" - 5'5" 37"
M 8-10 5'6" - 5'7" 37.5"
L 12 5'8" - 5'10" 38"
XL 14-16 5'11" - 6'1" 39.5"
XXL 18-20 6'2" - 6'5" 42"

How to Pick the Perfect Pants
Helpful hints:


-The wrap pants are intentionally cut wide to allow for wrapping around the body and as such are quite accommodating to every body size and shape.  

-If you are very tall (5'11" and above) please buy the XL for length...the width can easily be accommodated by how you wrap and fold and fasten.
-The "Indian Yoga Pants" category are designed with a drop crotch for flexibility of movement and have a reinforced GUSSET in the crotch. 
-The "Solid Pants" category, i.e., White Solid, Black Solid, Burgundy Solid and IKAT pants etc. ....come with a drop crotch but NO gusset and are cut slightly wider than the Indian trim pant. They are a stronger fabric usually and cut wider and don't have reinforced crotch with gusset.

  Skirts Size Chart: 

The wrap around skirts can be worn in a variety of ways and therefore afford some flexibility in sizing. They can be worn on the waist or low on the hip. You will find two separate openings on the waist which are used for the ties and which give flexibility for differing waist sizes.

XS 0-2 36.5" (runs very slim)
S 4-6 37.5"  
M 6-8 38.5"  
MX 10 - 12 38.5" (and approx. 4" extra inches of wrap around)
L 14-16 41"  

Shirts women's sizes: 

S: sizes 4-6   M: size 8-10   L: size 12   XL: size 14-16

Women can but the MENS shirts one size DOWN.

Shirts men's sizes:

(true to men's S, M, L, XL)


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